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4 Safety Tips During A Roadside Assistance Emergency

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If you are having a roadside assistance emergency, you definitely want to consider some safety tips that are going to keep you save on the road while awaiting the services that you need. Here are four safety tips to consider:

  1. Turn on Your Hazard Lights: First off, as soon as you need to pull over to the side of the road, your hazard lights need to go on immediately. This way, you are clearly visible to the cars driving by you, which lessens the chance of someone crashing into your stationary vehicle. It's important that you always know where the hazard lights are located before you drive any vehicle. 
  2. Try to Pull Over Under a Light: If it's dark outside, it's best to try and pull over underneath a street light. This makes your vehicle more visible and allows you to see more clearly when trying to make a call to a roadside assistance service. You should also leave the headlights on at this point for even more visibility. 
  3. Stay in the Vehicle: If you are alone, it's best to stay in your vehicle with the doors locked, especially at night. While some may suggest that you exit your vehicle in order to avoid getting injured in the event your car is hit, as long as you made yourself as visible as possible, it's actually safer to stay in the vehicle with the doors locked until the roadside assistance services arrive. 
  4. Ask About Wait Time: When you do call your roadside assistance services, you should ask about wait time. If it's going to be a while before they arrive, you might consider calling a friend or family member to meet you if you are alone. In some situations, you might even consider calling the police, especially if you feel extra vulnerable. 

Once the roadside assistance services arrives to your location, be sure that you stay in your vehicle until they approach you. Chances are, they are preparing paperwork that you will need to sign once they approach your vehicle. It's safer to wait inside of your vehicle. In the off-chance that you are unaware of which roadside assistance company to call, you can always contact your insurance company who can provide you with a number or references, which is also important if you currently have roadside assistance coverage. Even if you aren't sure if you have roadside assistance coverage, you still might be able to receive a discount through a company that works with your insurance. 

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