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Don't Get Short-Changed: How To Get The Most Life Out Of Your New Tires

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If you just had new tires installed on your car, you want them to last as long as possible. Luckily, with proper maintenance, it’s easy to get extra life out of your tires. However, it’s important that you start with the proper maintenance as soon as you get your new tires. If you wait too long, the damage could already be done. Here are three simple steps you can start taking right now to extend the life of your new tires. Read More»

3 Signs Your Vehicle Wants You To Inspect Your Brakes

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Your brakes are very important. They ensure that you are able to stop safely and control your vehicle. Your brakes will give you lots of signs that they need to be replaced before they go out; you just need to make sure that you respond appropriately when your vehicle lets you know that your brakes need assistance.  Vibration One of the signs that a lot of people notice when their brakes are getting old is vibrations. Read More»